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Serious Sam 3: BFE - FULL GAME Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

Polycatmagic 12 : Yo, shoot! We still gotta make a sound for these enemies... Hey Jeremy! Come 'ere for a sec! Yell into this microphone for me real quick, okay? Yeah, like you're runnin' towards someone downhill, and you've sort of lost control... perfect, thanks man!
Phillo : I love this game's visuals, I know it's that thing that the community is dived on, but I love those modern military shooter aesthetics!
John Brown : This game is insanely fun!
Gary Chrome : This is beautiful, I always thought the third game was a massive downgrade than the second trilogy. Must've been the mandela effects
Mark Windt : Love this game ! and the other SS in the series !

Serious Sam 3: BFE - Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay)

This longplay of Serious Sam 3: BFE includes the full campaign and all the boss fights and cutscenes in this full playthrough and is recorded in HD on the PC.

It's recorded without commentary so you can focus on the game itself.

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Prince Zagreus : I've always wondered why he's called "Serious" Sam. He's not very serious at all lol.
Volvox : This game hits me hard, i remember playing this when i was 6 and never actually finished the game.
Adrian Tan : This game is nice to play with a group of friends.
SaleemJaved UnOfficialFanChannel : Now I need to play this game looks amazing

Serious Sam 3 BFE Soundtrack (Full)

Serious Sam 3 BFE OST.
Composers: Damjan Mravunac, Filip Brtan

0:00 City Relax
2:13 City Inside Building Tense
3:43 City Fight
6:19 Mosque Relax
9:00 Mosque Fight
11:12 Medina Relax
13:39 Medina Fight
16:07 Museum Tense
18:48 Museum Fight
21:30 Museum Basement Tense
24:22 Museum Basement Fight
26:45 Ramesseum Tense
29:22 Ramesseum Fight
31:48 Slum Relax
34:01 Slum Fight
36:27 Desert Relax
38:52 Desert Fight
41:18 Temples Lite Relax
43:41 Temples Lite Fight
46:00 Temples Relax
48:41 Temples Fight
51:05 Tombs Tense
53:58 Tombs Fight
56:06 Pyramid Tombs Mystical
58:33 Sirian Complex Mystical
1:01:07 Final Battle 1
1:03:04 Final Battle 2
1:04:50 Final Battle 3
1:06:35 Final Battle 4
1:08:12 Boss Fight Strings
1:10:15 War 1 Hero
1:12:49 War 2 Storm
1:15:41 War 3 Final Fight
1:17:42 War 4 Gladiator
1:20:12 MP War 1 Gone 4ever
1:22:47 MP War 2 Scream
1:24:30 MP War 3 Hurts
1:26:15 MP War 4 Shut
1:27:47 Xtra Bonus - Hero
1:30:21 Xtra Bonus - Wild Life
bruh : Is it just me or in every Serious Sam game the music before the final boss is always fantastic?
MarbleMew : 9:00
I will forever associate this track with ripping the heads off Kleer.
Віктор Хоменко : Amazing soundtrack. Like those arabic motives so much;)
Reverend Rodinal : This soundtrack is One Serious Masterpiece!!
kaciorx : 1:06:35 i had wonderful times with this track and last level!!!




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