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Tested | Seafarer Victory 6m Hardtop with Suzuki 200HP

Initially developed and built on the Gold Coast by boat builder Lindsay Fry, it was around a decade ago that the Brisbane based Haines Group took over this iconic brand. Indeed, not a weekend went by down on the north coast of NSW when I didn’t see a fleet of Seafarer V-Seas dodging waves on the river bars on their way to slaying piles of reefies.

The boats were legendary, so it was good to see that they went to a good home and to a company that would continue to refine the product.

The latest version of the Seafarer Victory 6.0m is a case in point. Recognising that the hull didn’t need to change, the new Seafarer chiefs decided that top deck modifications were needed to modernise the offering and include viable options like a hard top and bigger cabin into the range.

That’s how this iteration was born.

We got to take out the new Victory for a run on Moreton Bay with Seafarer expert, Chris Thompson on an average day in July - a calmish morning with building breezes that pretty accurately emulate what you’d go through on a day’s fishing, a rough ride home.

Chris explained the changes to the boat in his video boat test we filmed (scan the QR Code above on your mobile or search Seafarer on the Fishing Monthly Magazines YouTube channel), however we will summarise it here.

“The cabin is bigger with a higher roof to accommodate the optional hard top and the transom has been cleaned up - we no longer have a need for oil filling ports and the like with the dominance of modern 4-stroke outboards. There’s also a redesigned anchor well and a dash capable of holding a 16” flush mounted sounder, as well as 9” outboard gauges - simultaneously.” he said.

Indeed the test rig was powered by Suzuki’s Lean Burn 200HP 4-stroke outboard - an outboard that comes out of the same Brisbane warehouse as the boat, so naturally the two were a nice match.

And with the optional hard top fitted on the test boat, we got the full ‘enclosed’ experience on a run around the southern bay. Both with and against the chop, there was always a comfortable speed to travel and often the aligned with the most economical cruising speed.

3,500rpm delivered 1.9km/L at 32kmh and this was right in the comfort zone for traversing a paddock of wind chop versus tide. The rig didn’t want to dig in when quartering a sea downwind and the steering was light and responsive. I would have liked a place to rest the forearm while riding the throttle, but this was a small criticism of what was otherwise a very comfortable drive.

Standard in the boat now is a side door. Great for loading the boat while on the water or on the trailer, the door eliminates the need for a transom door, allowing easy placement of dual live bait tanks on either side of the transom.

Right in the middle of the transom is a padded, retractable lounge that tucks neatly out of the way when the fishing business starts. Other options like a raw water deck wash and bait rigging station make the operation of an efficient fishing area pretty easy.

Finishing off the practical side is a SeaDek covered cockpit floor that easily maintainable with a hose and really makes the interior look the goods.

Up front, the cabin is eminently comfortable, with a lined cabin and a level of fitout that reflects the $106,990 bill for the test rig.

Packages do start at $79,770 with a soft top and down spec fittings, so there may be a combination between the two that suits your budget and needs. There are currently 6 dealers nationally that can get you into a new Seafarer package.

For more information, visit the Seafarer website at www.seafarerboats.com.au or Like Seafarer Boats on Facebook to get the latest updates about the brand.


Length 6.0m
Beam 2.4m
Transom Deadrise 21°
Fuel 200L
Max HP 225
Capacity 7 persons


RPM Speed (km/h) Economy (km/L)
650 5 3.8
1000 6 2.5
2000 10 1.4
3000 18 1.3
3500 32 1.9
4000 45 1.8
4500 52 1.8
5000 59 1.7
6000 72 1.2
6300 74 1.0
xXxNeoxXx : We had a 5.9 victory years n years ago now, one of the best hulls ever designed.
Chris Bradbury : Thanks for the review, yes it looks OK except the hardtop is too short to have any practical cover from rain or sun. Nobody likes rag tops, a good hardtop is worth the money if it is designed right. A perfect weather boat not an all weather boat. Cheers
Kerrie Smeltzer : Where can you buy Seafarer in Queensland

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series Anniversary Edition Lineup Review

Read our full 600 S2 Anniversary Edition review here: http://audioadvice.io/600anniversary | Chat with us online: https://audioadvice.io/aa-chat | Call for sales and support: 888.899.8776

Read more product reviews \u0026 shop on our website: https://audioadvice.io/aa-blog
Follow us on Instagram: https://audioadvice.io/aa-insta
Raleigh, North Carolina Location: https://audioadvice.io/aa-raleigh
Charlotte, North Carolina Location: https://audioadvice.io/aa-clt

Bowers and Wilkins is one of the most world-renowned speaker companies on the planet. You’ll find their speakers in recording studios and mixing facilities around the world. The BBC, Abbey Road, and Skywalker Ranch are just a few of the places that rely on their truthful sound. B\u0026W also spends more on R\u0026D than any speaker company we know of with a huge facility in Steyning England, home to a huge team of engineers and all kinds of exotic speaker measuring equipment. The real beauty of B\u0026W for the vast majority of music lovers comes from their trickle down technology from their $30,000 plus speakers.

This new 600 Series Anniversary Edition offers two bookshelf speakers - the 607 and 606, a tower speaker - the 603, and a matching center channel. All of these employ technology in the speaker components that just a few years ago could only be found in their $6,000 a pair and up speakers. Similar to the new 700 S2 series, with the new 600 series anniversary edition, B\u0026W has added even more trickle down tech from their top of the line 800 series, with the most serious improvements to the crossovers. You can now get even more of the similar technology from the 800 Series from speakers starting at $700 a pair, almost 1/10 the price of where the 800 Series starts!

B\u0026W had used Kevlar for decades in its midrange speaker drivers in the 800 Series. Their engineering team was given the task of inventing a better material that would offer significant improvements over their Kevlar drivers. It took over eight years, but they came up with a new material called Continuum. Continuum was totally developed by B\u0026W and is only found in their speakers. The improvement in midrange transparency is stunning. Continuum, when used in a midrange driver, does not need the typical surround you see in most midrange speakers either, which contributes a lot to this new level of openness. Another factor is a great reduction in distortion. If you ever get a chance to visit their R\u0026D facility in Steyning, you’ll see all kinds of lasers used to analyze speaker cone distortion. They used this high tech in the development of Continuum which is now part of the 600 series.

Many years ago, B\u0026W invented a tapered tube that sits behind the tweeter. In the original 800 models, it sits proudly on top of the speaker. As years have passed this design has been refined and in the 600 Series Anniversary edition it shows up as their Decoupled Double Dome. If you were to take the tweeter apart, you would see this is a very accurate description of the tweeter. The combination of the decoupled dome and the tapered tweeter tube for the rear wave of the tweeter result in a tweeter that can extend out far beyond most tweeters on the market before any distortion or break up occurs. The range actually goes out to 38khz which is twice as high as anyone can even hear. The sonic improvement is a more open top end that is very smooth and sweet with never a hint of harshness.

B\u0026W has always paid a great deal of attention to reducing cabinet resonance. B\u0026W engineers use their laser systems to measure the cabinets and design ways to make their speaker cabinets as inert as possible. They don’t make a big deal about this in the 600 Series Anniversary Edition, but I have to say, the cabinets are extremely solid for the price point. The front of the cabinet is a matte finish composite material about ½” thick. By mounting the speaker drivers to this material, then coupling it to the cabinet, resonance virtually goes away. When you rap your knuckles on the new 600 Series Anniversary cabinet, you know they got the cabinet right! I also like the hidden magnetic design for the grill system making it easy to go for a look with or without the grill. The rear of all the speakers have very solid connections capable of either bi-wiring or single wiring. These types of connections are not very common on speakers in this price range, but normally found on models costing far more.
Holly Buickerood : Bowers & Wilkins are some of my favorite. Y'all did a great job with this review.
John Smith : Paired mine with a REL T9I for true range extension. These little guys are amazing.
Chris G : I’m still using my cm6 in a second system with peach tree 220 and the sound is excellent. I also own Wilson Sophia 3. In a larger McIntosh setup. But. I always go back to the B&W and I’m always amazed how such a small speaker sounds so clear with bass . The speakers are always changing for the better. I wish could afford getting the new style to hear the difference .
PRO : Hi, I really enjoyed your video, thanks a lot for that very professional and detailed review! You also seemed to like the Focal Chora series a lot which also got reviewed some months ago.
I‘m currently considering to get either one of these 5.1 setups, what would be your choice: B&W 600 25th AE vs Focal Chora?
Novilicious : Love ur Martin Logan impression series video and love these detailed videos from Bowers and Wilkins as well. Keep up the detailed reviews and do not go shorter on these videos!

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peaceful daze : I did the 40 minute all in one workout yesterday and felt sore today. Did some cardio and this stretching afterwards and my muscles feel so good
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