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Adonit Note+ handwriting test

Handwriting and note taking test on the Adonit Note Plus stylus. This stylus supports palm rejection, pressure and tilt sensitivity. Apps shown are Wacom Bamboo Paper, Noteshelf and ZoomNotes.

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P A : Great review, I like that you give information and relevant points we need to know. Keep it up.
Al‘s Tech and Toy Check : What is the tip made of?
Hải Bùi : Can I customize buttons on note-taking apps such as OneNote, Goodnotes or Notability?
Hayder Jawad : I have a question and need an answer to it, for these alternative stuffs like logitec and adonit note plus when enable the option “ only draw with apple pencil” in settings , and I scroll with my finger, does it make lines from my finger when scroll or enlarge the window, like in apple note app. I really need your answer before buying. I have the iPad air 4.
Al johani : Does it support iPad Pro 2017?

Review: Adonit Note+ Stylus for iPads (2018 and newer)

Adonit Note Plus now supports pressure and tilt sensitivity, that's in addition to palm rejection which is supported by the previous model.


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#adonit #ipadstylus #handwrtingapp
Laura Frantela : The 1 dislike is Steve Jobs because “WHO NEEDS A STYLUS?!”
Sara Jamal : Hello Teoh, I have been watching your videos for awhile now and I really enjoy your detailed reviews on all sorts of art supplies.

I personally like to watch Youtube videos with CC's on, and I noticed that the auto-generated English CC's aren't accurate most of the time. I wonder if you are able to activate the option for the community members to add CC's and subtitles into your videos? I think it will be very helpful as it will be more accessible for differently abled and hearing impaired users on Youtube to watch your videos! :)
Brant Strand : BUYER BEWARE: the Adonit Note+ tips are prone to falling out and they are very tiny, thus easily lost.
Then you have to pay 17€ for a pack of 3 replacement tips. When I bought replacement tips, one of the three was defective, and Adonit support told me to return them all for a replacement, which would leave me without a working stylus.
Additionally, there is a significant design flaw in the Note+ in that the power button is positioned where one holds the pen. It's possible to hold it without pressing it, but in the course of normal usage it will shift and you may occasionally, inadvertently turn it off.
Having also used the Apple Pencil (1G), I find it superior in form and function. While it costs more upfront, the poor build quality and easy tip loss will quickly make the Note+ a more expensive option.
Rafsan Rahi : I love this Stylus. Just wished it was supported in more apps. It works really well with Concepts
Hiro : Looks like a great stylus!

Galaxy Note10/Note+ Unpacked Highlights

Meet the next-level power phone.
AntiPolar Dream :




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